Monday, May 10, 2010


Our store changes often. Occasionally we'll get a wild hair and move ALL THE BEDS.
It always sounds like a good idea at the time......
We like little changes as well. Take these hearts for example.
What are they for? Are they 100%, absolutely necessary? Why do we sew 50 stuffed hearts and hang them from the ceiling?
The answer is....because. Thats why.
That lucky bottom heart gets dozens of love-squeezes on a daily basis.

This week we have an overabundance of dining room tables. Fabulous dining room tables! Perhaps we'll post some pictures for your viewing pleasure.
In the meantime, and just in case you're worried, we have chairs too. Many, many many chairs.
All different shapes, styles, colors, prices, heights, depths...etc. Its kind of fun to pull a "Goldilocks" on this display. You're bound to sit on something that fits you perfectly.

Now this is what we call a blurry shot (so you can stop wiping your reading glasses on your shirt). We were so excited about this new little settee that we couldn't control the camera.
Tell us this isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen.

And last but not least, our beloved Bunny Bed has made it to the floor and is now basking in the glow of its adorable surroundings. Welcome back, Bunny Bed. We've missed you.

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