Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We are unpacking chandeliers and hanging them in places they've never been hung before!
Like over the front counter! Its a revelation!
(Who would have thought it would be so fun to....see)

This heavy iron piece took a while to hang, simply because it goes so well everywhere. With everything! We couldn't agree on where to put it! It finally found its spot, however, and we all agree that it looks fabulous.

This cute pink and brown chandelier is hung and patiently awaiting the beautiful new crib it will soon be illuminating (as well as light bulbs of its very own). We are patiently awaiting the crib as well. We love cribs......
There are more to unpack and more to choose from. If we don't have something you like in stock, we can find it. Now that we have lighting above the counter, we're re-discovering the wonders of catalogs in color. (Its a miracle...)

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