Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bunny Bed

What better way to begin a blog than with this lovely iron bed.

Ah, the Bunny Bed. So many sweet stories, so little time.
We love the Bunny Bed. Always have. No matter the finish, its a favorite. This week, we loved it enough to lug it into a field on a hot San Antonio day. We ignored the bees and the mosquitoes and the gnat that lodged itself inside the camera lens.
Some photo shoots are easier than others......

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  1. Beautiful! Can't wait to see what all you have in store for us.

  2. My daughter has that bunny bed. She's had it since she was about three and she is eight now. Nothing makes me happier than peaking into her bedroom at the end of my day to see her sweet little face nestled in that bunny bed. Every little girl should have one!