Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Straight out of Uncle Pack's barn...

Pillows are such a great way to add a little something new to your room, a nice pick me up!

We fell in love with these one of a kind pillows when the sweet "crafter" brought them in. They are fashioned with vintage, but not used, burlap bags straight from Uncle Pack's barn days. Touches of silky trim and funny little trinkets adorn the front, tiny crosses, old buttons, paper ticket stubs and even a little kid sized wrench...oh so cute!

Now that you've added something new to your favorite sit down area, how about a little something just for you or your favorite gal pal? The same sweet "crafter" created these wonderful bracelets & necklaces.

Each is uniquely different, a surprise on every charm. The necklaces are made with knotted ribbons and a sweet little charm that may house a pearled cross or a tiny fabric flower. The bracelets hold some of the same delightful trinkets, but with a mix of charms. Wear just one or load your wrist, the more the merrier!