Friday, July 29, 2011


What to do while sitting at the drivers license bureau waiting for my last to begin a new journey with a drivers license in hand?

We've been here almost 2 hours. I've memorized every face and frown, checked out my fellow waiters shoes, glasses, tattoos, piercings, hair, lack of hair and toe nail polish. I've redesigned this waiting area and come up with a much more pleasing color pallet rather than drab, drabber and drabbest. what's next while I'm waiting...
Oh I know, another introduction of one more precious member of the Me & My House family.
Please meet Judy, a co-worker, friend, sister in Christ and a talent on the sales floor. She is probably one of the first eager faces you'll see when you come into the store, just waiting to start mixing and matching, designing and creating.

We've been blessed to have some long time committed employees and Judy is one of them. She started working with us in 1994. She cut her furniture sales teeth at several furniture stores in town before joining her sis, Karen (see April 25 blog) and sinking her roots in with us.

Judy has a darling daughter, Katie, my little sister in Christ. She is 10 years old and my great texting buddy. She leaves me precious drawings as reminders of Christ's love. This is the one she left for Easter.

Psalm 123 talks about past blessings from the Lord, verse 2 says "Our mouths were filled with laughter."
My favorite past time is laughing and I hear tale after tale at the store to keep me smiling. Here's one involving the star of this blog.
Judy had a long hard day at work. Just one of those glorious days when a factory calls about a delayed order concerning a sofa that won't arrive for a party or the chair that got drop shipped to the out of town client with the wrong fabric on it or a big sale that didn't go through. Just a hard day...and to top it off a wrecked car in the shop. So, Allen and Matt, her brother in law and nephew in shining armor were going to pick her up after work. She drug herself out of the front door, looking and feeling a little like Eeyore, you know from Winnie the Pooh. She spotted the car that will rescue her from her tough day and taxi her home. She opened the back door, threw her junk in and drug her weary self in next. At this point she forgot to sing Katie's Sunday School song about doing everything without complaining, do everything without arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God. With her head laid back and her dreary eyes closed she commented to her 2 men about the kind of day she had and all the fiascoes that had taken place. When she finally paused long enough to look up, she was staring into the startled and shocked faces of two complete strangers. She had crawled into the wrong car. Can you imagine the shock on all 3 faces? Wonder who wanted to be the first to bolt out of the car, Judy or the poor guys that just heard all about the crazy lady's day from Me & My House?
I wonder if Allen & Matt were watching this from their car, eyes as big as saucers, shaking their heads and thinking..."that's our Judy. "
Psalms 126:3 "The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy."

Blessed by the Best,

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  1. I can't stop laughing! Reminds me of the time in the grocery store I was so stressed from life and work that I wasn't paying enough attention to my task at hand and I turned and grabbed the wrong cart. I was in such a hurry that I was aisles away before the owner caught up with me. Thank the Lord he was honest because he had my purse as he was running through the store with my cart yelling....Mame...Mame! I wasn't listening or just thought he was talking to someone else. JUDY, did I ever tell you how much I enjoy you. Maybe it's because we are so much alike in so many ways! I miss working with you and seeing you every day. That goes for all of my Me & My House Sisters! I'M STILL LAUGHING! Love ya'll....Sherry :D