Friday, March 11, 2011

Sheee'sssssssss Baaackkkkkkkkk

Heather is finally, at last, thankfully, it's about time, hip hip hooray, back and residing in San Antonio and at Me & My House.
Thinking back, Heather arrived at the door step of Me & My House in 1997, a sweet homeschooled newlywed needing a job with creativity oozing from every pore. Whatever I would buy or design, she would take it and turn it into eye candy. We became instant best friends and sisters in Christ, little and big or young and old, but never the less, sisters in Christ, and haven't stopped laughing since. "A cheerful heart is good medicine" Proverbs 17:22.
Three years later, the laughter became torrents of tears as the Lord moved she and her soul mate and husband Randy, to Chicago to pursue Randy's education in Biblical studies. Randy is that guy that you just want to stand near to see if any of his intelligence will just "get on you". Where Heather is oozing with creativity, Randy is oozing with intelligence. Sometimes all I can do is nod my head and pretend I understand what we're talking about.
Over the next few years Heather would buzz back to San Antonio to do a quick facelift to the store, giving us all another dose of creativity and good medicine. These were probably the times that you may have noticed the store looked especially good with knock out displays.
At last Randy completed his undergraduate and then masters at Moody and Wheaton. It was time for them to come home. Yay. Six months of fun, laughter, family, laughter, a beautiful store, laughter and THEN,
"For I know the plans that I have for you declares the Lord" Jeremiah 29:11
"For my thoughts are not your thoughts Nor are your ways My ways declares the Lord" Isaiah 55:8
NO WAY LORD, my thought is that Randy is smart enough and my way and my plan is I WANT THEM HERE. pout, pout. But the Lord won out even with me stomping my foot and off to South Africa they went in pursuit of a doctorate for Randy. My typing speed increased and our husbands would often hear one sided laughter and know that the emails were continuing between the states and South Africa.
But what an adventure these 2 would have over the next 3 years. Where ever they lived, whether it was the 400 square foot flat in the middle of a horse paddock or the place on the strawberry farm overlooking the vineyards or the thatched roof cottage by the beach, Heather added her creative touch to each place and made it a work of art and a sweet home for them. Many people heard and saw the love of Jesus as they ventured into the "townships" and became the hands and feet of Jesus.
After one trip back to the states for a visit and a revamping of the store, Heather had a long period of jet lag that she just couldn't get over. That jet lag turned out to be a bouncing baby boy named Wolfgang. "For this boy I prayed, and the Lord has given me my petition which I asked of Him" I Sam 1:27. What an unexpected and joyous miracle awed us all in December of 2008.
Now God has brought my friends home again along with a 2nd sweet baby boy named Max who arrived on January 7.

We get to call Randy Dr. Randy now. I again asked Heather what he got his doctorate in and she put it in easy terms for me, ancient languages.
Stop by and see all the new things we have and the delightful way Heather puts it all together. You will be inspired to give your house a spring face lift with a few new touches. Max will be glad to see you as he will probably be perched on a sofa or snuggled into a bed. Wolfgang will be sorry he missed you, he is usually busy playing at the park with Randy. Welcome back Heather.

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